The inventor of the SCHOOL DISCO kraze, believe it or not this night started in 1999 back in the days of the K2, when the K3 was just an idea.

Possibly the most cheesiest night in the UK, all the bars and clubs had a go at copying this night and failed miserably. We don't do 60s nights, we don't do 70s nights, we don't do 70s or 80s nights, we don't even do 90s nights, The Krazyhouse does all these nights in one!

Every friday in the K3 is where you get down to ghostbusters, grease, dirty dancing, the conga, madness, bee-gees, gloria gaynor, duran duran, kool and the gang, dee-lite, guns and roses, house of pain, michael jackson, YMCA... do i need to say anymore!? a great night of crap music and not a dance tune to be heard all night. Still open till 3am, again all your drinks are 2 for the price of one and now a reduced admission it's a good night, especially for office party's, hen nights etc...

I personally aim the music towards the girls, but the lads like a good boogie aswell, if you're wondering what your doing for the works party this year i guarantee you'll have a good cheap night out in the K3

-K3DJ Pete Eccles