Summer 2002. Number One Son contemplate their future in the big scheme of things.

There’s been a huge change in attitudes towards rock and what it stands for. Even the ‘regular’ kids are now living a diet of rock and being part of the newest and truest breed, Number One Son are about to react to the dumb legacy that has helped but more recently hindered, the new musical blood rising from their cities streets.

This is a new era.

Number One Son are the country’s most promising prospect, most likely to take a slice of supercharged, dynamically executed rock, to a new world. They don’t just rock. If you like your epic riffs, your vocals ripped out and pulsing in your palm, and your melodies as potent as prime Faith No More, brought into a modern soundscape then listen up. They are the only contenders.

The story dates back to the mid-90s before this youthful and experimental cacophony morphed into a proper band. After frontman Nic was discovered, it wasn’t long before Visible Noise saw their potential, but it took until now to understand exactly how big that potential could become. This man is a star.

The desire to get out ensured the band stepped up a level was without question. Since last summer they’ve holed themselves away in the rehearsal room and vowing not to see daylight until they had enough material to make a truly ‘classic’ album.

A combined love of the likes of Black Sabbath, hardcore punk rock, martial arts flicks, the grandiose ideas of Tool and the friction-fuelled working methods and diversity of Faith No More, meant that the rehearsal room was buzzing with more ideas than before.

Fast forward to 2003: Friend of the band and drum tech, Tiger Si, took on the role of temporary drummer, but it wasn’t long before the band were in agreement that he should become a permanent fixture in the line-up.This addition changed the dynamics of the band irrevocably, and for the better.

“I am definitely the happiest I’ve been with Number One Son, especially since Tiger joined permanently. There has been a 100% improvement both musically and lyrically on the new album and as a band on stage we are really tight” enthuses vocalist Nic.

With the line up secured, the passion to write and play music became priority. The enthusiasm and persistence has doubtlessly paid dividends with the new direction and vision the band share.

“We couldn’t help it, music is inside you, you play and it comes out, you have no conscious choice,” comments J on the result of the material they have produced for their new album.

“We' ve all had a wide range of personal experiences since we recorded and toured the first album and these made us grow as people and I think we captured a lot of those experiences within the songs, which obviously reflects in the music...,” continues bassist Ian.

Forthcoming album ‘Lessons’ is a trip into the unknown for Number One Son. Twelve tracks of powerful emo-tinged and old school rock that will keep them moving forward while others fold in the face of adversity.

With producer Matt Elliss at the helm once again (producer of their ace debut album ‘Majority Of One’) and, more recently, assuming the role of managing the band, alongside Pete Spiby at SouthBySoWhat, the encouragement given to the band from all sides, has seen them grow into possibly one of the UK’s best rock bands of the last decade.

Number One Son then, still meaning the leader of a new generation upon whom the legacy of history and the power of the future is bestowed?

You betcha….