heres my faq, or fa-que - meaning fucking annoying questions

erm... i don't really get much mail - so i don't get that many questions, but the questions i do get from people who visit this site, people i know genrally and some questions i guess i would ask if i found this place are right here... hopefully this list will grow when i get some enemies who send me 200 hate emails a day - i can hardly wait (!)

1 ] - why crashedstar?
everyone always asks... 'why crashedstar?' i never tell them

2 ] - what is your site about?
its a symbol and a statment about me and the way i see the world, for more information on hompages check out this page - thanks to keith

3 ] - what kind of stuff do you put on your site?
erm... basicaaly just stuff i have made, stuff i need to use now and then or stuff i thinks quite good and decide its worth going up - to answer the question... nothing and everything

4 ] - who owns it?
that would be me... why did you need to know that?

5 ] - why are you online so much?
erm... why are you online so much to notice that i am online so much?

6 ] - why do you always get bored of your site and rip it down?
i thought it was just me, but its an illness that all webmasters get, we are still trying to build up a valid law suit against... er, someone?

7 ] - where did you learn to make websites?
it came to me in a dream... i have still yet to wake up from this dream...

8 ] - can you make me a site?
sure, just be sure to send the cheque first... and allow 5 working days for... er... thinking time... yeah thats it - thinking time!

9 ] - do you like porn?
you have no idea how many emails i get each and everyday on 'if i like porn' and 'if i would want to see 2 co-ed's go at it' ...this should be at the top of the fa-que list

10 ] - can you put my site on your links page?
you gotta answer pass the test first

11 ] - what is this 'test' you talk of?
its a race to see how fast you can transfer a lot of cash from your bank account into my back account... the winner gets a full page add for as long as they want

12 ] - why do you only have 12 questions on your fa-que?
Because not enough people have emailed me with the same stupid questions

there we go - my fa-que... if you feel i have missed any questions off - all you gotta do is spam me for a few weeks with the same damn questions