16 Wood Street

Tel: 0151 708 5123


NOW OPEN : 9pm - 3am

All Drinks 241
No Dress Restrictions


'For the greatest night of your life'

Voted the best music club in the UK - National Student Union

Voted the best music club in the North-West
Local Student Union

Voted the best music club in Liverpool
NME Magazine

TheKrazyHouse is made up of 2 different music floors and a seperate video/chill out room, which together makes an atmosphere from a crowd that is second to none in the whole of the UK!

TheKrazyHouse delivers you a great night out in the best alternative music club you could ask for - Located in the heart of Liverpool's world famous night life

Soon to be opened is our new music floor, which will not only expand the club, but you entire night out at TheKrazyHouse Liverpool

On this site you will find individual pages for each night describing and tailoring for your needs, an entire section in which the DJ's themselves tell you whats happening and how they came to be here, our forever updated photo gallery of some of the regulars in and about TheKrazyHouse and lastly, information on our promotion nights which include competitions and downloads that may interest you

Watch out for our special offers, competitions and promotions online

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