TheKrazyHouse: Links To The Other Side

Yup its true, we are not the only website on the net; if your looking for something else to do whilst 'revising for homework' try some of the sites below

'We are just starting our links section again, trying to develop a decent page with real links to pages of interest is harder then it sounds!' - Got a link to a site? - Think it would be of interest to us and our viewers? - Use the contact form now and send us the details Summer of Slipknot
Damn that banners big! - With the anticipated launch of what is already being classed as the rock album of the summer, Slipknots 2nd print is bound to turn more heads/get more speculation and don't forget... more insane stage dives! - 'where there was once chaos........ there is now focus...'

Total Rock: Unpolluted music site!
Forget all the bullshit, all the pop culture that we are all acustom with - total rock tells it how it is. now on Sky Digital: Channel 885

Vitaminic: The future of MP3 starts here
With napster under tight lock and key, the future of free MP3 trading is in limbo. Vitaminic takes hold and offers the first subscription package to consumers - who knows what the next step will be?

NME: One of the bigger boys!
I dont know how long NME have been around for [am not that old] - but i am guessing you have all heard of them by now - if its real music news/info/storys or gossip then is the place to go

The Carling Weekend: Reading/Leeds 2001
With more and more bands confirming each day, this years reading/leeds festival is growing into one of the greatest festivals this year - this year see's the opening of a new stage, the concrete jungle stage which is aimed at the 'skate punk' generation, whatever that may be? - theres also rumors for a half pipe and other 'sorted events including the bungee jump!

UK Critic: Reviews the way they should be!
Do you believe all the reviews you read? Never can you have a single reviewer who everyone agrees with, but believing someone who is at least real and doesn't just do it just for money makes it a little more authentic - Thats where UK Critic steps in, real reviews by a real person who could be living in the end of your street!?!

RicoMedicine: The ultimate fan site
Developed because the official site was pants, this is still a rocking site - check out samples of every Rico tune in the Flash Discography section...

Scouse Rock homepage: Rock based this 'n that
Most likely to be the first of many KrazyHouse gowers homepages that pop-up on here, check it our for some pictures and info

Team Taboo: Hompage for Team Taboo
Check it out to see the antics that really happen in liverpool when the sun goes down
Probebly the biggest personal photo gallery i have ever seen online, and 90% of them have been taken inside TheKrazyHouse

Jennyannes Bad Ass Website: Jennyannes Homepage
Another KrazyHouse gowers homepage, some photos and info - take a look SixtyNine... sorry
KH Gowers site: image galleries, reports on nights out, little krazyhouse profile and loads of other stuff

RichJackson Online: 'Lets Fuck Up Some Shit'
This is what happens when you have to much time on ya hands - loadsa crazy info and shit that might make you laugh milk thru your nose... milk thru your nose, who the hell comes up with these things?!?

Faster: 'please take a seat and we will see to you shortly'
Faster - a Wirral based rock band, site still under construction but check it out and download some of there mp3's

Obliviousdeath: 'do you dare step through the gate?'
KH Gowers personal site, this site is still under construction - but feel free to check it out [ description will be updated once site completed ]

Dark Love and Romance: 'not a kodak moment, dark photos...'
Dark Love and Romance is a project in development by Brian K Watson, dealing with images of dark nature, erotica and romance. A select few have been placed on this web site for exhibition. Some photos have been taken inside TheKrazyHouse.