The KrazyHouse, Liverpool:

"It's strange but years come years go & the Saturday night at the circle K! does not seem to change. Or does it.

Today's Krazy House is a far cry from when I first stepped into it as a punter ten years ago, classic rock was the order of the day & the night was going nowhere fast, I returned to become resident Dj a couple of years later & nothing much had changed, So I decided to change it, Two weeks into my residency metal came to Liverpool in the shape of Pantera live at a venue in the city, The band came down to the club to hang out, Two weeks later again Sepultura played a sold out show & they were hanging out at the club, both these events were to spark off a revolution in the club, combined with the change in music policy & every album launch held at the club the buzz was really taking hold, this was the place to be seen.

Then in 1995 a storm was brewing out of America, On the west coast to be exact, a band was coming out, they were causing a real stir on the streets, I went to see them play their debut UK show, I got given an advance copy of their debut album, I played it, & within six months the audience was getting younger & seven tracks were being requested, Oh yeah, the bands name..Korn. They even came to play the club live..

What was to follow over the next few years was a total change in the audience of the club, it was the birth of what became nu-metal, the older guys just did'nt get it, the younger ones craved for more, in came Mr Manson to fuck things up just a little more, then the floodgates really opened with System of a Down, Slipknot & a host of others. But then in early 2000 another storm started to brew, this time it's name was Limp Bizkit, then radio got involved & suddenly we had Disturbed, Papa Roach & Linkin Park to contend with. Once again we are in the midst of a rock revolution & as always The Krazy House was the place where you heard all of the aforementioned bands 1st. This is the best time to be involved with the club, we may have been voted 2nd best club in the Kerrang! Readers poll, but it's never enough.

People grow out of going to clubs, it's a young man's game they say. Well I don't subscribe to that, I know 18yr old's who are mad for Linkin-Bizkit-Roach but they love a bit of Maiden-GnR-Metallica I also know lots of 25yr+ metalheads who grew up in the circle K! & they love the new bands. The rule is that there are no rules. This is a 21st century rock club, it can never be one thing or another.

The most important thing is that we try not to underestimate our audience, we do read the request lists, they point us to the next big thing, but we lead the way, it's our club because it's your club, we can't always play what you say, there are only so many hours in a night, six to be exact & at four minutes a song that's 15 per hour, adds up to around sixty a night. Every one want's to hear their favourite song, but with 1,000+ through the door it's a lottery, but we try & provide the best music possible & we hope we get it right. We will get bigger, we will get even better & with your help & support we will become the #1 U.K. Rock club.


As Faith No More once sang "It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it"

- The Lone Ranger 2001