Someone told me it’s 2-4-1 drinks?

They’re quite right. All beers and bottles are 2-4-1 with the exception of our weekly offers, which are advertised on our FACEBOOK each week. All your common spirits are served as DOUBLES and your mixer is free.

How much is it to get in?

Generally speaking £2 on a Thursday, £3 on a Saturday- though be certain to have a look at our offers, promotions and competitions that we run on the FACEBOOK to see if we are offering free entry before a certain time, or VIP tickets up for grabs.

What is it like?

The entire club is decorated somewhere between an industrial warehouse and a fun house and can be a bit of a maze for first time guests.

Our recently revamped first floor (K1) is dark, devoted to rock music, with a stage for our live music events and video lounge with sofas for chilling out or playing vintage Nintendo 64 games (check Facebook for A&J’s Events).

The second floor (K2) is home to our indie and alternative DJ’s with a second chilling out area, full of arcade games, pool tables and a cloak room for dropping your stuff off.

Our third floor (K3) is home to our dance and chart DJ’s with a third chilling out area full of picnic tables and the iconic rhinosaurus you see in so many other people’s photos.

How long are you open for?

Thursdays 10.30PM - 4.00AM

Fridays: 10:30PM - 4:00AM

Saturdays 10.30PM - 5.00AM

Be sure to check our UPCOMING page and FACEBOOK page for details of our monthly ALL NIGHTERS where we continue all the way through til 6AM.