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Time For Some Updates

Wednesday, 27th June 2001:

KrazyCHAT launched for a trial run, see if it works... who knows? - see home/about for details

Wednesday, 20th June 2001:

Bizkit fly home again... VIP Competition scrapped [sorry] - more details

Wednesday, 13th June 2001:

New virtual postcards online, check out the promos page for more details

Some minor bug fixes on the promotions pages :)

New promotion details online including update to Saturday June 16th 2001: Eminem's side project 'D12' album launch / Weezer album launch - including competition / Dracula 2001 movie launch - click here for more details

KrazyMail sent out to members, if your not a member goto home/about now and sign up

Friday, 8th June 2001:

This page, news/updates Online

New logo on start/first page

New promotion details online, promotions include Saturday June 9th 2001: Blink 182 album launch for "take off your pants and jacket" / Static X album launch for "Machine" / The Cult album launch for "beyond good + evil" - click here for more details

Other promotions include Saturday June 16th 2001: Dracula 2001 movie launch, which has a killer soundtrack / Weezer album launch which will include the chance to win a Weezer two-man tent + backstage passes to T-in the park in Scotland where they are playing andddddddddddd... eminems side project 'D12' promotion - there will be the usual t-shirts, etc. + some ash pipe shaped kazzoos... strange but true!?

Some more links added, send us more of your site URL an you could get your link online





And In Other News...

Wednesday, 27th June 2001:

Some news on K3...

K3 opens this wednesday [July 4th] and alot of people are wondering whats happening and also the deal with getting in and the invites...

Okay here it is - K1/K2 and K3 will all be open from 9-3am on Wednesday night! - If you have an invitation you and one friend/guest can get in free, if you do not have an invitation you can still come down but you gotta pay on the door

If you do not have a ticket either email by this friday or come down to the club and get one this weekend - the choice, as they say... is yours!

Friday, 15th June 2001:

Check out this weeks Kerrang! [ 13 / 06 / 01 ]

Letters of the week...


I'd like to thank all the kerrang! staff for getting me and my
boyfriend Andy backstage at the Ozzfest, putting us onstage in front of
50,000 people with our favourite band Amen and getting us autographs
from Disturbed. We'd also like to thank the medical area for sorting
out my nose when my stud got torn out hours after getting it pierced.
The Ozzfest was brilliant, truly amazing. Again, thank you and we hope
to see you at future festivals.
Toni and Andy, Merseyside


Friday, 8th June 2001:

Photo gallery v2 under construction - expect to see more photos and our 'photo of the week' competition starting

Limp Bizkit competition going strong, a few days left to enter, check out the promotions page now