Electric: Every Thursday
Plus many many many more... !!!
Thursday Nights on K1
"Trust me, I'm a DOCTOR!"

Feeling kinda blue? Are you in need of a hefty dose of high-energy, classic and new wave PoP PuNk anthems to kick-start your weekend?

Absolutely everyone in Liverpool knows the weekend starts on Thursday, so make an appointment with DJ DR NICK on the K1 each and every Thursday night!
The good doctor will be holding surgery for the FRESHERS, FREAKS and all-round FUNSTERS right through from 10am 'til 4am!

While his medical credentials are dubious at best, his musical credentials are truly hard to beat. As one of the North West's
BEST alternative DJs, Dr Nick is fully qualified to administer an ear-splitting shot of tunes that'll get your heart racing, your feet moving and your fists pumping!

Open wide and say... "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!" as you rock the night away to the likes of YOU ME AT SIX, PARAMORE, A DAY TO REMEMBER and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, through to THE OFFSPRING, BLINK 182 and GREEN DAY, to name but a few! What the hell, we're here to have fun, so you'll also be in line for a swift, sharp injection of some LINKIN PARK, PAPA ROACH, LIMP BIZKIT, etc!

Dying for a kick-ass Thursday night party on the K1? Then the prognosis is good.
Just what the doctor ordered, I'd say.

What you'll hear:

fall out boy, blink 182, foo fighters, red hot chili peppers, you me at six, the offspring, no doubt, linkin park, lost prophets, rasmus, evanescence, my chemical romance, sum 41, papa roach, green day, alien ant farm, bloodhound gang, jimmy eat world, paramore, rage against the machine

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Please request your song including Artist and Track title, one song request per line.

Please note that whilst we do our best to accommodate your request, requesting a track does not guarantee that it will be played, the DJs decision is final. Also, any request for a given night must be sent by 2pm on the same day.
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