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Saturday Night in the K2!
Alright people, it’s me again - in case you didn’t know, I’m the man responsible for torturing your ear-drums on Thursday and Saturday nights!

This is just a quick overview to give anyone who ain’t been (or those who have and were too wasted to remember) an idea of what Saturday night on K2 is all about. Right, here goes:

Basically, the night is centred around Classic Rock, so you can expect to hear anything from the 50s to the present day, from 9:00 pm to 3:00 am. So, whether your taste is Rock; Cock Rock; Punk Rock; Glam Rock; Goth Rock or even Blackpool Rock(!), the night should keep you happy….unless of course your a fan of Styx, ELO or Rush in which case your too far off the beaten track to ever return from the middle of the road..sorry thats not fair, I mean everyones taste is different and just because mine is good (AHEM!…my girlfriends raised her eyebrows and said I wish) does not mean everyone s is.

Now I’m too lazy to list every song played throughout the night - not to mention that I’m doing this after just getting in from the New Year all-nighter so I’m KNACKERED! - but to give you an idea of how things pan out, here’s an A to Z of all or most of the bands played on a Saturday night. Apologies in advance if I miss any out but I really am bloody done in.
Saturday on K2..
Feeder // The Killers // Blink 182 // Foo Fighters // Rage Against The Machine // The Beatles // The Police // The Doors // Michael Jackson // The Strokes // Red Hot Chilli Peppers // Kings Of Leon // Bon Jovi // Aerosmith // Sum 41 // Greenday // Guns n Roses // Queen // Weezer // Offspring // Arctic Monkeys // Nirvana
As for requests... all are welcome, just bear in mind it’s the DJ’s job to fill the dancefloor - so if your favourite song is as obscure as Iron Butterfly’s ‘In a Gadda Da Vida’ (mine!), or as long-winded as Guns ‘n’ Roses ‘November Rain’, try to get in before 10:30 ish as it’s STRICTLY a First Come, First Served policy on requests!

Thanks for checking us out and hope to see ya there - cheers and have a great May. Oh, one last thing - if it’s Tony Christie you’re after... try ‘Top of the Pops’, he’s a regular fixture these days!!!
Request a song for the K2! - Saturday
Please use the form below to send any of your song requests for the K2 on a Saturday night!

Please request your song including Artist and Track title, one song request per line.

Please note that whilst we do our best to accommodate your request, requesting a track does not guarantee that it will be played, the DJs decision is final. Also, any request for a given night must be sent by 2pm on the same day.
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