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Text: Dr Feelgood
Date: Saturday, 25th September 2004
Photography: Too Tall Paul
  Evil Girls 2!  
Saturday, 4th December 2004
Evil Girls 2 All Nighter
Evil Girls Burlesque Show
Saturday, 25th September 2004
"After months & months of planning with Evil Dave from The Krazyhouse finally managed 2 get a launch nite sorted from the Evil Master of the Evil Girls.

So as the nite was coming round much was made of the event, who, what, where, when & how many girls, & how far would they go?

Evil Dave kept his cards played close 2 his chest, advising everyone that this would be a night 2 remember for many reasons & in many ways it was…

The crowd on the K1 seemed to be a buzz with stories of girls getting ready to roll, girls getting ready 2 rock, meanwhile the dance floor was swelling up with customers eager 2 see what exactly was in store…

Nice & Naughty had come into the club & were on the K2 with their wares which included ‘Toys’ & various other implements of pleasure, although some like the ‘Anal Invader’ sounded a little 2 much, meanwhile back on the K1 prizes galore were being given out, t-shirts etc & even some DVD’s that deserved their R18 certificate, but the boys & girls were getting restless…

So at around 1am the lights went out & the sound of ‘Stripped’ by Rammstein started 2 filter through the P.A. system, & Evil Kitty appeared stage left looking hot 2 trot, now she was a mover 4 sure & she went through various stages of undress, then ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ by The Prodigy kicked in & Kitty seemed 2 really come into her own, rolling around the floor, kicking, spreading! & just raising the temperature of many boys & just as many girls, so by the time ‘mObscene’ & Marilyn Manson came along 2 rock the floor Kitty was down 2 just an amazing pair of Knickers & was writhing around the floor ready to blow…

It all then ended & Kitty & Evil Dave disappeared into the nite leaving many people including the club a little perplexed at what had happened, Yes it was good, sure she was hot, but ‘Burlesque’ it was not…

Evil Girls II beckons on the horizon & the site has moved on, but next time it needs 2 be more organised & feature more girls, but 4 now I need to go & lie down in a dark room with some Kleenex…"

Dr Feelgood - 2004

  Evil Girls 2!  
Saturday, 4th December 2004
Evil Girls 2 All Nighter
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