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Thursday nights @ K3, including more information about the night & playlists

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Friday nights @ K3, including more information about the night & playlists

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Friday nights on the K3
It is hard to believe I have been stuck up here all alone at the top of the renowned Krazyhouse for over 4 years already. Well not literally up here for that long obviously, but on Fridays at least. It now feels like this is my second home anyway!

With a full on party night the name of the game, the K3 is complete with a buzzing atmosphere, as people gasp with horror that they actually know all the songs being played (yes admit it, you know the words and the dances too…).

You can expect to experience songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and even some more up-to-date stuff for those who can’t cope with too much cheese, is kept till nearer the end.

Expect to start your journey through with acts such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kylie, Tiffany, Aha, House Of Pain, The Pointer Sisters, Queen, Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, MC Hammer, Run DMC, Back (non-exhaustive!). By the time your’re on the way to drunken oblivion, you’ll be ready for your next ear-bashing that is the sing & dance-alongs.

Now’s your chance to wear off some of that alcohol singing to Daydream Believer, 500 Miles, The Beatles, Build Me Up Buttercup, 3 Lions, whilst also strutting your stuff to Dirty Dancing, Grease, YMCA, The Timewarp, Elvis and even The Conga (pretty sure we STILL get the longest conga lines anywhere!).

Just as you can’t take anymore we head away from yesteryear back down the lane to the more modern era, passing through the Macarena, Saturday Night, S Club 7, Five and Backstreet Boys whilst also covering the biggest Old Skool dance anthems, and the biggest chart toppers around at the moment.

Don’t be put off by this sudden swing of change – it is still probably the most anticipated part of night with people from all three floors coming for an eye-popping dance (still yet to be amazed here, but nearly, keep trying!).

Remember you can come request your own songs, but please be prepared for a little wait due to the shear number of songs that get requested – YES, we could go on past the finish.

Generally it starts to get busy between 11 and 12, though please come earlier – you get more chance of hearing your song when you want, especially if it is of the more obscure background.

We are open ‘til 3am – and you can get NUS discount on admission for those of you who are hard-up students!

That’s it really – I hope to see more and more of you on Fridays… remember, following such infection with so much cheese you may without realising be singing these songs out loud all weekend. Especially if we finish with Benny Hill or the A-Team.

If you wish to make a request for a song you want to hear, please submit a request HERE. All songs will be guaranteed NOT to be played before midnight so please ensure you are on the k3 by then so as not to be disappointed. Remember, we will do our best to play your requests however there is no guarantee your song will be played, owing to song suitability and availability, and the dj's decision is final!

The club is open from 10pm-3am.
Admission is only £2 (Before Midnight)

Text: DJ Glenn
Friday Top 10 Playlist - SUMMER 2009
01 – Journey - Don’t Stop Believin
02 – Michael Jackson – Black Or White
03 – Five – Everybody Get Up
04 – Fatman Scoop – Be Faithul
05 – Usher – Yeah
06 – Grease – We Go Together
07 – N Trance – Set You Free
08 – Toni Basil – Hey Mickey
09 – Jackson 5 – I Want U Back
10 – DJ Casper – Cha Cha Slide
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