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Text: Dr Feelgood
Date: Saturday, 30th October 2004
Photography: Snowman - Many thanks!
Halloween All Nighter
Saturday, 30th October 2004
"Many will tell u that there is only one night & one night only 2 be seen in the Krazyhouse, that night is Halloween…

4 as long as any of us can remember it has been one of the highlights of the calendar with many stating it was the best night of the year, well maybe in memory it sometimes is, but for the club it was just one of the many highlights especially with New Years Eve still 2 come, but on saying that Halloween is always special in the Krazyhouse & 2004 seemed 2 be shaping up 2 be the same.

From ®october 1st customers were telling stories of costumes, plans & so much more, all centred on the final weekend of the month, seems like the competition 2 be the best, or remembered on the night was hotter than ever.

So cometh the night, cometh the dawn, 9 hours of mayhem was planned & the clocks went back 2 boot, a Halloween All Nighter was about 2 begin…

From the very moment of 9pm when the doors opened the freaks on a leash were let free, the club was decorated in fine style, every bar had decorations on it, even some of the bar staff had made the effort, the rest just went 4 black, which no matter where or when works.

By 11pm the club was ‘Locked Out’ with what seemed like a further 1,000 people almost causing a riot outside because they could not get in, inside the club three floors of music blasted at fuck off volume with Resident Dj Jj (The Lone Ranger) & the K1 being the centre of attention for most of those out 4 the spooky spectacular, the range went from Slipknot to Dracula, 18th century maidens, Nuns, Ghostbusters, maniac butchers, murdered brides, even Lara Croft with a set of baby buds? While K2 & K3 just did what they did best, Krusty Retro rockin the 2nd floor & Eddie ripping the guts out of the K3.

The competition ensured @ midnight with the 1st prize being a trip 2 Transylvania which isn’t 2 be sniffed at, around 100 contestants gathered 2 the side of the stage ready 2 go & one by one they were paraded in front of the crowd, with around 20 being singled out 2 go into the final, that 20 were invited back after a short break & whittled down to six, then the final two were placed side by side, by this time the crowd had swelled to around 1,000 & were franticly cheering 4 a winner, the last 2 were a Wookie? & Sylvester (The Cat) & after much crowd baiting, the Wookie walked away with the prize, He was ecstatic, apparently the chap who won had been trying 2 win 4 years & had previously come in a full on Batman outfit only 2 walk away with nothing…

Once the competition had finished everyone in the club got down 2 the serious business of getting waysted & getting laid, or if possible both! The vibe in the club was nothing short of electric with Metal, Rock, Indie, Hip-Hop, Dance & even cheesy pop hitting u from somewhere at some point, no wonder the club has been constantly voted ‘The Best Student Venue In The North West’ everyone was having & had a great time with many stories being told 4 days after, This was the place to be 4 Halloween wherever u were in the world & if u missed it then u missed out, I shall be back 4 New Years Eve, if u have any sense, so will u…"

Dr Feelgood – November 2004
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