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The Krazyhouse, Level 3 - The K3!
It's surprising that nearly 7 years after its opening (I feel so old now!), there are still people out there who have never been, or worse still, have never even heard of the K3', even a majority of those in the know, don't really know what the K3 is all about.

For those unaware, residing on the top floor of the biggest music venue in the north west - The Krazyhouse, is the K3!

The K3, which was first born in summer of 2001, is The Krazyhouse with a very big twist...

The music varies from night to night, but on a Thursday & Friday those expecting a night of hard rock will be very disappointed, so be warned! Those who attend the club and brave the climb to the top of the stairs will be infected forever!

Open 3 nights a week, from 10pm 'til 4am (10-3am Friday), the K3 goes from one end of the musical spectrum to the other...

Thursdays are an ELECTRIC mix of current chart, R&B and dance music, interworked with a selection of some of the more cheesy & classic offerings from the past and present. Expect an interesting and unpredictable night. For more information, playlists and to make requests click here

Fridays have been AMBUSHed by cheese. Don't let that put you off though, we intend to show you just how music used to be; Remind you of those songs you thought were well hidden in the closet; Bring back memories of those days when all the music seemed so much better (they'll say that about the music of today in ten years too. Well maybe?). We try hard to remind you of those school days, the crushes and parties from past, you get the idea...

Even the more hardened I hate this music' people will love every minute, but we won't be reminding you in the morning that you danced to the conga... don't worry!

R&B, dance, current chart music also make an appearance to relieve the ears, but not for too long, we're mean! Make no mistake, expect the unexpected. For more information, playlists and to make requests click here

Saturdays is about being Loaded. Not loaded with cheese this time, but every type of music imaginable. The night is more rock-orientated, but still expect to hear the likes of 2 Unlimited, Christina, Beyonce and Girls Aloud alongside those hardened rocker offerings.

Text: DJ Glenn
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